Q. Why should I have a home inspection?
A: To gain the knowledge needed to make the right purchasing decision. So that you are not stuck with “Money Pit”.

Q. Do home inspections include a termite inspection?
A: No they do not. We can provide a wood destroying organism inspection for an additional fee.

Q. Shouldn’t I have the home inspection before I make an offer so I will know how much to offer?
A: No. The inspection findings can be used to negotiate the contract (in most cases). Spending your hard earned money on inspections without a hard contract may prove to be a waste.

Q. Is there a uniform service agreement or contract for a home inspection?
A: Yes. Our industry uses a standard service agreement.

Q. How much does a typical home inspection cost?
A: The price of the home inspection depends on the size and age of the home. Give us a call for a customized quote 616-820-9852

Q. Does the seller have to repair all items listed on the inspection report?
A: This always depends on the contract and your agent is the best person to guide you through the contract.

Q. Will the inspection report include the cost of repairs?
A: No

Q. Will the lender see the home inspection report?
A: No. We only send to the buyer and buyer’s agent but we can send it to the lender upon request of the buyer.

Q. Can we ask the home inspector to alter or omit items in the report if we do not want them to become issues with the lender?
A: No.

Q. Does the buyer need to be on site during the home inspection?
A: No; however, it is strongly recommended.

Q. How long does an inspection take to complete?
A: Typically 2.5-3.5 hours on a standard size home. Of course, the larger the home the longer the inspection. We create a report as we go on a hand-held computer, which is typically ready the very next day.

Q. What happens after the inspection?
A: We stay with you FOREVER. This means that you can call us, ask us advice, ask us for referrals and we love it. We are here to help you forever… We provide you with a book “Now that you’ve had a Home Inspection” (Learn How You Home Works, Keep It Maintained, Save Energy). We also provide you with a monthly newsletter and home maintenance tip.

Give Brent a call to schedule your home inspection 616-820-9852 OR Schedule Online 24/7 from the convenience of your home.